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100 Club

100 club 100 club

JOIN the 100 CLUB
Contact Tricia Brown 01768 867687 

You can download the application form by clicking below.

Application form File Uploaded: 15 March 2019 28 KB


The Club shall be known as Tirril & Sockbridge Reading Rooms Development Fund 100 Club.

A unique number will be allocated to each member.

A member may be allocated more than one unique number provided that, for each number, s/he pays £60.00 per annum or £20 every four months.

Payment must be made in advance at the beginning of a month for a 12 month or 4 month subscription.

Each unique number will be eligible for one prize only per month.

A draw will take place each month in a public place.

Prizes will be £100, £30 and £20 per month subject to 100 memberships.
For smaller membership numbers, the prize will be proportionally lower, e.g.
with 50 members, the prizes will be £50, £15 and £10
with 40 members, the prizes will be £40, £12 and £8

Winners will normally receive their prizes within five days of the draw.

If subscriptions are not paid up to date at the time of a draw, the member will not be eligible for a prize.
If the Club ceases to operate, all outstanding subscriptions will be repaid.
Any queries or disputes must be referred to the Committee whose decision shall be binding and final.

Tricia Brown             Hon Treasurer                     01768 867687
Janet Moore             Committee Member              01768 890377