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Community Led Plan Launch

Sockbridge and Tirril Community Community Led Plan Launch

Launch of Community Led Plan “a great success”

58  people from Sockbridge & Tirril gathered together on Saturday 2  February in the Village Hall to celebrate the launch of the Community  Led Plan.
They received their copy of the colourful booklet, and enjoyed a delicious buffet.
Hellen  Aitken of ACT (Action for Communities in Cumbria, which has sponsored  the project), welcomed the Plan, and congratulated everyone in the  Parish who had helped to produce it.
Many people volunteered to help carry out the actions in the Action Plan.
One of the actions is to produce a heritage trail leaflet for the village.
John  Innerdale & Richard Gravil gave a fascinating “virtual tour” round  significant buildings in the parish, showing pictures and explaining  their colourful history.
“Today was a great success”, said Sindy  Phillips, Chair of the Community Led Plan Group. “This Plan has been led  by the Community. The people of the Parish have contributed so many  amazing ideas. We tested them through our survey, and carried forward  the best into our Community Led Plan and Action Plan. We can’t wait now  to get started to carry it out, to make Sockbridge & Tirril a better  place to live, work and visit.”
If you would like to help carry out any actions, email us