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Sockbridge and Tirril Community

A great year for the Community Led Plan

By David Gate Sockbridge and Tirril Community

Sunday, 12 January 2020


Sockbridge and Tirril Community Contributor


A welcome early Christmas present was the Parish Directory, which was delivered to every household in the Parish in December. People had warm words to say about it:

“What an amazing booklet you have produced! So very many congratulations, what an incredible amount of work you have done.”

“Thank you for providing what is such an enhancement to the business of living in Tirril!”

Well done to Tony Wolfe, Pat Newsham and Alan Richardson who put all that information together.

We have applied to “Celebrate National Lottery 25” Fund for £159 to pay for a Heritage Display in the Village Hall. Also, we have agreed the style of the Heritage Board and artwork for it, and are now waiting for quotes and funding.

For those in need of help, a few people have asked for their prescriptions to be collected, and volunteers have done so promptly.


We have been looking for funding for the Parish Circular Path (we’re calling it the “Charles Gough Path”). The Woodland Trust has agreed to provide over 600 trees, 6 tree cages and hedging and fencing for the new permissive path. Eden Rivers Trust has agreed to pay for fencing off part of Lady Beck (a “riparian buffer zone”). These measures will create habitats for wildlife; the trees will absorb carbon dioxide and help combat global warming; fencing off the beck will keep livestock away and improve water quality, and the improved soil will reduce the risk of flooding.

Friends of the Lake District (FLD) walked the route with us, were enthusiastic about the project, and will contribute £1,000 towards it. Cumbria Waste Management Environmental Trust (CWMET) will help too – we are within 4 miles of Flusco – and will support our funding bid for £4,450.

In the longer term, we’re also seeking to improve the footpath from Tirril to Highfield, with CCC help, and the footpath from Celleron to Barton, with the help of LDNP.

People in the Parish have generously promised £270, and we’re asking the Parish Council for £50 for the project.

On Footpath & Bridleway Maintenance, ten keen volunteers will meet to plan a programme of action. CCC Highways has drawn up a draft agreement, and we are adding a list of the footpaths & bridleways that we would maintain, and the assistance we want CCC to give us.

Some allotments may soon become available: look out for news in the Tirril Times.

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