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Sockbridge and Tirril Community

Great steps taken to deliver the Action Plan

By Website Admin Sockbridge and Tirril Community

Saturday, 11 May 2019


Sockbridge and Tirril Community Administrator


Great steps taken to deliver the Action Plan

The Action Plan Delivery Team reported to Parish Councillors on the progress we have made on many actions in the Community Led Plan at the Parish Council Meeting on 8 May.

It has been a busy and productive time for those involved, the Councillors thanked us for the effort we had put in.

We are now ready to submit a funding application for two projects.

The Heritage Trail Guide (Action B5) is complete, with artwork by John Innerdale, graphic design by Terry Phillips and text by Richard Gravil. The Parish Councillors liked it, and signed a funding application to EDC Tourism, who had already said that the leaflet looks good, and they would be minded to support it. The Parish Council also agreed to make a contribution of £20 towards it. Margaret & Jim at the Queen’s Head have kindly promised £50 and a villager £50, anonymously. The total cost will be £299 for 1,000 copies.

You can preview it on this website under the ‘Parish History’ menu tab.

The Parish Directory is being prepared by a Team of volunteers: Richard Gravil, Alan Richardson, Pat Newsome & Tony Wolfe, who hope to complete the final draft soon (Action K4). The contents are Information about services and facilities which already exist, for which the Survey showed a need.

The Councillors signed a funding application for a Community Grant from Cumbria County Council, who had said that the project looked fine for a grant. Again, the Parish Council showed their support with a contribution of £20. The Queen’s Head has kindly promised £20, and Ian at Chambers’ Garage £20. The cost will be £295 for 300 copies of 20-page, A5 booklets.

The Parish Council also accepted a grant of £100 from the Community Development Team for producing a “Parish Council Social Events page” on the website, to encourage social inclusion. This fits in well with our Action K3 “Improving Digital Information”, and Terry Phillips has already updated and improved the Parish Website, which you know, because you’re here.

We have also made progress on other Actions:

  • The Litter Pick on Sunday 28 April was a great success (Action A7). Organised by Clare Tremaine & Marguerite Gill, 12 volunteers took part. The Council provided hi-vis jackets, hoops, bags, grabbers. 9 bags of rubbish were taken away on Monday morning.


  • A Heritage Board is being designed, and a list of “places of interest” has been agreed (B4). Highways has given permission to site the board to the left of the new fence by the Meeting House.


  • A Heritage Display at the Village Hall has been agreed with the Village Hall Committee (H3).


  • John Innerdale is moving on to a Children’s Treasure Trail (B5).


  • The Footpaths & Cycleways Team has held  5 “walk the footpaths”, to find out what’s there. Aiming for a Parish Circular Path, we have talked to Lowther Estates about a permissive footpath from Highfield to Celleron, and to local landowners about a permissive footpath from Sockbridge Mill to Barton, along the River Eamont (G2).


  • We have walked the bridleway from Barton to Pooley with the LDNP Ranger, Suzy Hankin, who is keen to improve it (G5: See news on the website). We are also progressing a Map & Guide to local footpaths (G6).

All in all, a busy and productive two months, and the Councillors were very appreciative of our efforts.

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