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Planting trees: Lady Beck

Planting trees to help alleviate flooding

On Saturday 21 November 16 volunteers from Sockbridge & Tirril enjoyed planting 230 trees on the new Charles Gough Path beside Lady Beck in the Parish.

Eden Rivers Trust organised the event, in a riverbank zone 12 metres wide which they have created, by kind permission of Lowther Estates. Lowther has allowed the people of Sockbridge and Tirril to create a new permissive path from Highfield to Celleron, to link existing footpaths in the parish. The new path was requested by many people when taking part in the Parish’s Community Led Plan (CLP).

Volunteers included 3 members of Penrith & District Soroptimists International Penrith & District

The trees and plants in the riverbank zone will absorb rainfall better, keep water upstream to help reduce flooding, and allow wildlife to flourish.

“This path and riverbank woodland are a great amenity for all walkers in Eden”, said David Gate of the CLP Team. “We’re very grateful to Lowther Estates, Eden Rivers Trust and the Woodland Trust for their help.”

Jenni Payne of Eden River Trust said: “Planting trees by riverbanks has been shown to reduce soil erosion, improve water quality and improve habitats for wildlife. It is a great benefit to all the people of the area, and to our planet”.

The trees were donated by the Woodland Trust. The Charles Gough Path is also funded by Cumbria Waste Management Environment Trust, Friends of the Lake District and the generosity of local people.

A further seventy trees will be planted. In all, there will be:

100 alder        )

25 willow        ) these 3 are good for growing in wetter areas

25 aspen        )

25 oak

25 birch

25 cherry

25 hazel         ) these 2 form more scrubby trees in a lower storey

50 hawthorn   )


Sockbridge and Tirril Community Planting trees: Lady Beck
Sockbridge and Tirril Community Planting trees: Lady Beck