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TASCA History

Sockbridge and Tirril Community TASCA History

History of the Project

A group of parents initially got together and formed the committee. We then located and secured a site for the community area. This facility has been sought after by villagers for over 30 years, and the lack of a site was the main difficulty in achieving it. We then ran a consultation day workshop attended by 65 locals. We also consulted and informed the village through the bi-monthly Tirril Times newsletter, involved the local primary school with design, attended Play area workshop run by Cumbria County Council and have received letters of support from local businesses and groups.

We secured planning permission, and have since been joined on the committee by other members who have expertise in fund-raising, design and build, and ground works. There will be a great emphasis on local involvement, both to increase community cohesion, and reduce costs.

We have planned a schedule of works for the ground work (to enclose, drain and landscape the site). Hedge plants arrived in November.

We are currently fund-raising, and where possible trying to source building materials locally or by donation.

We  plan to complete the project to coincide with the village celebrations for the Jubilee this summer   

We set ourselves up as a Community Interest Company 

October 2012 Update

We successfully raised over £30,000

October 2012 sees us about to be officially up and running! The usual delays in timings, paperwork and just general availability of people meant that we weren't ready for the Jubilee. However, the equipment is now in, and very soon we will be insured. Eden District Council will inspect the site weekly, cut the grass during the summer, and cover our Public Liability insurance.

We plan a Phase II for more equipment, for which we have already started fund-raising.